Mar 2, 2022Liked by William M. Peaster

Great timing on this article since just yesterday, I tweeted a question about the PROPER standard procedure for working with artists. I'm just beginning a NFT project based around some fiction and need art help. I DO NOT want to screw over some artist from Upwork or Fiverr, but am unknown at the moment so getting them as a DAI member or doing a revenue split is probably out of reach.

I'd love it if you could break down what NFT project makers SHOULD do to find, properly pay, etc. and artist for such a project.

But an interesting object lesson. Thanks for the article!

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Mar 1, 2022Liked by William M. Peaster

Oh, Kevin… Important wrap-up of an insane event. Can’t help but wonder if we in a years time will look at this and consider it the igniter of a blow-off top and a strong learning experience, or if the worst is yet to come?

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