"Also, keep in mind that the SEC still has its investigation open into Yuga Labs, creators of the Bored Ape Yacht Club universe. The investigation was first unveiled in October 2022."

Hey William, this information is not accurate, having been misreported by Bloomberg initially. There is no active investigation. BAYC was merely present on a long list of *possible* probes in a leaked memo. As with their attention on altcoins, their researchers seem to just pull a ranking of top projects in each sector without any further criteria. In fact, Yuga registered with SEC to file Form D back in March 2022 when they raised funding with a16z: http://edgar.secdatabase.com/521/191760722000003/filing-main.htm

The Otherdeed sale is interesting, given that Animoca orchestrated most of that drop, required KYC registration and is a Hong-Kong-domiciled entity.

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The Bloomberg story hasn't been retracted or qualified with an editor's note, and a Yuga spokesperson at the time said the group was cooperating with the SEC probe. No allegations of wrongdoing yet of course. Could you point me to more info re: misreporting, a source, etc.?

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