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Very important rundown, thanks for reminding us, especially in light of recent developments in ie. Squiggles.

I’ve got one to add: projects moving up mint dates/times. To me this indicates a rush to secure some kind of zeitgeist that the team fear is running away from them. An unnamed anime project recently moved the date up due to ‘dev team being ahead of schedule’, and today I saw it happen in Bae Apes, which cut the presale window and chose to open for public earlier than announced. In my view because presale is moving slower than expected, but officially because they ‘noticed the gas has been extremely **LOW** and want to extend that opportunity to as many people as possible’…

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I agree with a significant number of points made here; it is truly troublesome for the industry if we can't clean this up and remove bad actors/projects.

I think after highlighting some of these red flags, we should focus on and force projects to take accountability by using some of the "green flags" in the ecosystems.

On the topic of Mint Prices, I recently participated in a "Free NFT" mint on Arbitrum which was the first of it's kind. Mithical.io launched their project enabling interested community members to deposit a number of LP tokens that would be locked for a specific time period earning yield for the project's treasure. Upon unlock, the LP tokens (less rewards) would be returned to the depositor.

I have never heard of Paid Allowed Lists, but that is extremely vile..I do like the idea of "allow lists" in general as it helps to mitigate a mint of being botted and helping the community members who are interested participate should they want to. I have been involved in a number of mints that secure their mint from bots by using an allow list if you can upload a hand drawing (artistic capabilities not required)...Mushrohm's (Olympus Odyssey) was the first I experienced that did this and the mint was very smooth.

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