You Down with NFTs?

OpenSea's winning over new users, Sorare raises $50M, CryptoPunks floor hits 21 ETH, & more!

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Dear Bankless Nation,

“You down with NFTs?”

With the influx of mainstream attention, you might have a friend or even a few asking you about NFTs lately. That’s great! Welcome to the limelight, right!

These are powerful and revolutionary times, of course, but this space can also have a steep learning curve for beginners. Your stewardship, insights, and patience can have a real impact on helping these newcomers become valuable contributors to the NFT ecosystem for years to come!

That’s what it’s all about, at the end of the day: spreading the good word on NFTs and getting more people to directly benefit from them. We’re all something of teachers from here on out, accordingly.


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🏆 Digital Collectibles

  • CryptoPunks saw incredible volume this week. In fact, over the last 7 days CryptoPunks experienced $42.6M worth of sales. Per NonFungible, that’s impressively over half the OG NFT project’s all-time volume to date, i.e. $83.8M!

  • Also, the CryptoPunks price floor is now ~21 ETH …

  • Museum of NFT Art curator Giannis Sourdis listed Proof of Beauty (POB) #541, a generative artwork representing the genesis CryptoKitties transaction, for 42 ETH on OpenSea.

  • Speaking of CryptoKitties, how do you actually value one? DappRadar just published a helpful primer.

  • The Chainfaces boomed over the past few days as an influx of collectors started diving into the on-chain collectibles project.

🎨 Cryptoart

  • Dmitri Cherniak’s generative art series Ringers via Art Blocks has now seen +$1M in volume after launching less than a month ago. Earlier this week, I interviewed Cherniak for Metaversal to get his insights on the rise of Ringers

  • Artist Trevor Jones brought the boom to NiftyGateway yesterday, too …

🕹️ Blockchain Games

🌐 Virtual Worlds

  • The WIP Meetup had another great cast of speakers this week, per usual!

Twitter avatar for @theWIPmeetupTheWIPmeetup.eth @theWIPmeetup
If there are any metanauts not at the WIP now, jump into! In addition to our speaker updates today, we're also doing some metaverse traveling to Arium. Check out that metaverse world with us with a simple click of the mouse:… Image
  • Layer-two (L2) wearables powered by Polygon (formerly Matic) have almost arrived in Cryptovoxels.

  • The CoinGecko team hosted a virtual meetup in Decentraland ...

🛒 NFT Marketplaces

  • Entrepreneur and investor Justin Kan is auctioning off a series of YouTube videos on OpenSea. The bids are flowing in so far!

Twitter avatar for @openseaOpenSea @opensea
Bid on one of @justinkan's video NFTs! 🔥 There are two kinds of videos: 1. Three one-of-one videos on auction to the highest bidder 2. Two one-of-many videos that will go to the top offers Winners chosen Tuesday, March 2 at 3pm ET. More info here:…

Justin Kan @justinkan

Our NFT auction for my YouTube stories is live: You have until Tuesday at noon pst to put your bids in Bonus: if we sell out, I’ll give $10,000 in BTC to a random bidder. I expect this means someone not me will walk away with all the value generated here

💎 DeFi x NFTs

  • Putting EulerBeats reserve ETH to use in Balancer V2 to earn print holders yield? Now there’s a thought …

  • Decentralized trading platform Slingshot kicked off its “Race to Closed Beta” contest, with its top three performers earning NFT prizes.

  • The Graph held its first NFT Subgraph Community Call, where developers “building NFTs with The Graph discussed their projects, subgraphs, and how the community can keep improving the protocol to support NFTs”

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